This job is responsible for assembling, fitting, fasten and installing parts of ambulance vehicles such as doors, slides, trays and any other feature requested by customers.

Essential Functions Statement(s)
Align, fit and construct structural assemblies and install system components manually or with power tools.
⦁ Assemble, install and connect parts using power tools such as drills and screwguns.
⦁ Construct, assemble and sand prefabricated parts to form subassemblies, manually or with power tools.
⦁ Position and align subassemblies in vehicle using measuring instruments and following blueprint lines and index points.
⦁ Read and interpret blueprints, illustrations and specifications to determine layouts, sequences of operations or identities and relationships of parts.
⦁ Fabricate parts needed for assembly and installation, using shop equipment.
⦁ Measure and cut metal using measuring instruments and plasma cutter.
⦁ Cut, trim, file, bend and smooth parts to ensure proper fit and clearance of parts.
⦁ Adjust, repair, rework or replace parts to eliminate malfunctions and to ensure proper operation.
⦁ Other duties as assigned

⦁ High school graduate or General Education Degree (GED)
⦁ 1 year to 2 years of related experience
⦁ Any electrical experience is a plus
⦁ Basic computer literacy is preferred

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements
⦁ Hand tools
⦁ Lifting at least 10lbs