McGregor (NH) EMS

Dealer: Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles
Salesman: Ron Morin

I wanted to take a moment to thank both Sugarloaf and PL Custom for their help in getting our exhaust issue resolved. The vehicle was returned to us last Friday with the entire DPF filter and related systems replaced and is back in service.

The support I received from Sugarloaf and PL Custom, as well as McCormick Motors, has been exceptional. It made me feel that I wasn’t battling GM on my own.

Having dealt with warranty issues on ambulances from other manufacturers over the last 30+ years, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to have the support of not only my local dealer but the manufacturer and the manufacturer’s supplier. Over the years, other dealers and manufacturers have sent me to deal with Ford or GM on recurrent warranty issues myself. It’s great to know that even after the sale and with a problem that is so clearly a chassis manufacturer problem that both of you were willing to get involved and push for a resolution.

I continue to be a very satisfied customer.

Harry Mueller