City of Keene (NH) Fire Dept.

Dealer: Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles Salesman: Ron Morin I would like to thank you along with PL Custom for providing the City of Keene with its new ambulance. From the very beginning, our relationship with Ron and PL has always been positive. Three years ago we bought our first ambulance from PL and have been very satisfied with it. Having been …

Saco (ME) Fire Department

Dealer: Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles Salesman: Ron Morin We are very pleased with both PL Custom ambulances we own and intend to purchase a third unit in the near future. Thank you for making a great product. Robert A Martin II Deputy Chief

Natick (MA) Fire Department

Dealer: New England Fire Equipment & Apparatus Salesman: David Farrell Dave Farrell was excellent through the whole process. Answered our questions and kept us updated. Very polite, professional and knowledgeable. All [PL] workers were polite, respectful. Very happy with the whole process. Victor Lipoma EMS Deputy Chief

South Metro (CO) Fire Rescue Authority

Dealer: PL Custom Emergency Vehicles Salesman: Chad Newsome Love your operation and the staff that are now a part of the South Metro family. Thank you for your dedication and ongoing commitment! U guys rock! Brian Brown Bureau Chief

Manufacturers Customize Ambulances for Specific Needs

By Alan M. Petrillo While standardized lines of vehicles built by ambulance makers are the norm, more and more buyers are asking makers to customize rigs to meet their special requirements. The type of customization varies with the needs of the department or agency as well as the job that will be required of the ambulance, but manufacturers say some …

Continued Growth and Mergers and Acquisitions Activity Expected for 2017

By Chris Mc Loone For the fire industry, 2016 continued the rebound many markets have been going through since the economy began its recovery. Several examples came in the form of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – some small and some that generated a lot of buzz throughout the industry. This market is a mature market, and the M&A activity is …