Freehold First Aid Squad

Excellent work. Great service department; Cindy, Pat, Kristen, Jennifer! All great.

Jeremy Hoffman
Salesman:Jamey Pallitto

Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad

We have been using PL for years and will continue to do so because of the quality and craftsmanship of PL. We have had great experiences with PL. Highly recommend you guys to other departments all the time.

David McCormick, Fire Chief
Salesman:Mike Heston

Vestavia Hills Fire Department

Chad was great to work with. Very accommodating in every aspect of the process. This was my first time dealing with the purchase of a vehicle for our department and he made it very easy.

Scott Ferrell
Salesman:Jamie Wheeles

Union Fire Company #1 Ambulance

“We are repeat customers. Jonathan Shepsko does a great job every time, we are always happy to work with him.”

Gary Vinnacombe
Salesman:Jonathan Shepsko

Epping Fire Department

“Keith and Ron from Sugarloaf, along with their service department provide excellent service. They understand our needs and endeavor to ensure we are completely satisfied.

Joseph Lombardo
Salesman:Keith Stuart

Dover Fire and Rescue

Customer service is one of the primary drivers in our purchasing decisions. We are very pleased with the service provided by Ron, Justin, and the entire PL team

Paul Haas-Chief
Salesman:Ron Morin

Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

I am reaching out to thank you, the DPC Team, and the entire dedicated crew at PL Custom Emergency Vehicles for such amazing production quality and attention to detail on our new twin Titan ambulances delivered earlier this Fall.

Dave Moynihan, Deputy Chief
Salesman:Mike Heston

Reva Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Everyone loves the new unit. I have not heard one negative comment, only how nice it is. The other departments in the area are all over it

Billy Hamm
Salesman:Porter Carden

Town of Buckfield

“Ron Morin and his team were great pre-purchase, during the purchase, and post-purchase. Best customer service.”

Town of Buckfield
Salesman:Ron Morin

Wabash Fire Department

“Great experience again with Crossroads Ambulance & PL Custom. This was our sixth PL Custom ambulance and have already ordered our seventh!”

Wabash Fire Department
Salesman:Dean Martin

William P. Faist Volunteer Ambulance Corps

“Alan Rich is the best. We are thrilled to keep working with him. PL is a steller product and we hope to be back in the next year or two.”

William P. Faist Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Salesman:Alan Rich

Kinder Morgan

“The entire NJEV Crew is Excellent. From Mark right down to the welders. This is why I keep coming back!”

Kinder Morgan
Salesman:Mark Robinson

Muncy Township Fire Co. Ambulance

“We enjoyed the whole process and are very pleased with the service and the unit”

Muncy Twp Volunteer Fire Co. Ambulance

Everyone loves the new unit!

Everyone loves the new unit! I have not heard one negative comment, only how nice it is. The other departments in the area are all over it and asking questions.

Reva Volunteer Fire & Rescue
Salesman:Porter Carden

Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps

Joe, was a pleasure to work with you as usual. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Avi Shulgasser
Salesman:Joe Vasta

Nottingham Fire Rescue

This is our third PL Ambulance purchased by us while I have been Chief. Ron Morin’s service, technical knowledge, customer care ethic is legendary.

Jaye Vilchock
Salesman:Ron Morin

Nappanee EMS

I have purchased several ambulances over the years and have found PL Custom to stand out among all competitors. Highly recommended. The sales staff at Crossroads has gone over and above expectations (As is their usual).

Jim Sumpter
Salesman:Dean Martin

Jaffrey Rindge Ambulance Service

Very Impressed with A-2. Everything went wee and we are enjoying the new truck. As I said at the factory, I was very impressed with your staff and detail to quality! Can’t wait to order another one.

Chris Sasner
Salesman:Ron Morin

Forest View Volunteer Rescue

We have been exceptionally happy working with Porter Carden. We are already preparing to purchase another PL unit. We will attempt to visit your facility this year.

Dave Johnston
Salesman:Porter Carden

Fairfield Volunteer Rescue Squad

This was one of the best purchasing experiences we’ve ever had.

Steve Reese
Salesman:Porter Carden

Brunswick Fire Department

We are long time customers. This is our third remount and we are very happy.

Ken Billant
Salesman:Ron Morin

Auburn Fire Department

My Crews love our new Dodge Ambulances.

Brad Chicoine
Salesman:Ron Morin

Epping New Hampshire

PL Custom is by far a superior product when comparing apples to apples with other brands.

Bruce Chapman
Salesman:Ron Morin

Bellmore New York Fire District

This is our seventh purchase from PL.

John Johnstone
Salesman:Alan Rich

Ashley Pennsylvinia Ambulance Association

Our experience was a good one. All questions we had were answered fast. Our unit is functioning better than our own expectations.

Gabriel Metric
Salesman:Todd Dotter

Chesterfield Virginia Fire Department

We have been doing business with PL Custom since 1994 and look forward to a continued relationship.

Robert Trimmer

Somers New York Fire District

Everyone from Alan Rich to everyone at the factory is great. Would highly recommend you all.

Robert Trotten
Salesman:Alan Rich

Old Town Maine Fire Department

Ron & Justin are by far the best team around; their service is top notch and quick. We appreciate their efforts to keep our vehicles on the road with little downtime.

Adam Martell
Salesman:Ron Morin

Hecktown Pennsylvinia Volunteer Ambulance Corps

During the time of sale, Todd Dotter passed away and everyone was wonderful in handling the sales of the unit during your loss. Thank you.

Chris Dooley
Salesman:Todd Dotter

Lincroft New Jersey First Aid Squad

Your sales rep Jamey is great and responds back promptly. Your company makes a great product and the Squad and I are very pleased with the new ambulance.

James Kelly
Salesman:Jamey Pallitto

South Berwick Maine Rescue

Ron and his staff were very helpful during the entire process. Answered all of our questions and provided all information in a very timely manner.

Bill Reichert
Salesman:Ron Morin

East Allen Township Pennsylvania Vol. Ambulance Corps

Please let Mr. Kaiser know how great he was and we look forward to the next unit in 5 years.

Scott Christman Sr
Salesman:Dick Kaiser

Magnolia Delaware Fire

Great Job. Lisa went over truck with fine tooth comb, found blemish in paint and was fixed before inspection. Sales staff is great.

Edward Semans

Chateaugay/Brainardsville Fire District

PL Custom is a down to earth company with great salespeople. Their product is top notch. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a company that actually cares how their customers feel.

Gerald Blow
Salesman:Eric Wehr

Belvidere New Jersey Ambulance Corps

Salesmen very knowledgeable and helpful. Staff at factory great! Answered any and all questions. The PL “experience” is exceptional.

Eric Rudd
Salesman:Joe Vasta

Bloomfield New Jersey

Very happy we made the switch from Wheeled Coach to PL Custom.

Frederick Menzel
Salesman:Kevin Todd

Rising City Nebraska Rural Fire Protection District #3

We are very happy with this unit.

Mark Doehling

Brunswick Maine Fire Department

This is our 5th PL Custom.
PL IS all about Quality and the customer service we get from Sugarloaf is Top of the Line.

Ken Brillant
Salesman:Ron Morin

Mildred Pennsylvania Ambulance Association

We are very satisfied. Vehicle runs like a Cadillac.

C.M. Kelley
Salesman:Dick Kaiser

Mathews Virginia Volunteer Rescue Squad

The people at the factory were great. They solved every problem we had and did it right now! Great team guys.

Jim Peyroux
Salesman:David Walls

Orono Maine Fire Rescue

We purchased a brand new PL Custom in 2007. We love it. This year we bought a Demo that Ron had and we love that one also. Ron is a great salesman and a great guy. You guys have a great product and warranty.

Buddy Webb
Salesman:Ron Morin

Franklin New Hampshire Fire Department

Sugarloaf Ambulance (Ron Morin) is the #1 reason for choosing PL. We are also very impressed with the overall quality. Proud to be in the PL family!

Kevin LaChapelle
Salesman:Ron Morin

McGregor New Hampshire EMS

I wanted to take a moment to thank both Sugarloaf and PL Custom for their help in getting our exhaust issue resolved. The vehicle was returned to us last Friday with the entire DPF filter and related systems replaced and is back in service.

The support I received from Sugarloaf and PL Custom, as well as McCormick Motors, has been exceptional. It made me feel that I wasn’t battling GM on my own.

Having dealt with warranty issues on ambulances from other manufacturers over the last 30+ years, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to have the support of not only my local dealer but the manufacturer and the manufacturer’s supplier. Over the years, other dealers and manufacturers have sent me to deal with Ford or GM on recurrent warranty issues myself. It’s great to know that even after the sale and with a problem that is so clearly a chassis manufacturer problem that both of you were willing to get involved and push for a resolution.

I continue to be a very satisfied customer.

Harry Mueller
Salesman:Ron Morin

City of Keene New Hampshire Fire Dept.

I would like to thank you along with PL Custom for providing the City of Keene with its new ambulance. From the very beginning, our relationship with Ron and PL has always been positive. Three years ago we bought our first ambulance from PL and have been very satisfied with it. Having been the person on the committee in charge of specifying what we need, PL has always risen to the expectations of a top notch company.

Our newest ambulance came with challenges not just for us but for PL Custom, as well. The City of Keene not only wanted an ambulance without air ride, we wanted it to meet our load height of 34″. At no time did I ever hear from Ron that it could not be done. Other companies told us they could not do it. PL came back to us with engineered drawings on how they were going to meet our needs. We needed a Terra Star chassis with MOR/ryde suspension, all new to PL. Sloping the rear floor to meet load height, a first for PL. Needing duel controls identical in the patient compartment with all functions, also new for PL. You listened to us, and rose above our needs.

I have had nothing but positive feedback about how the ambulance handles on the road with the MOR/ryde suspension and would highly recommend it to your customers. I would also hope PL would take our design and sell others on the non-air ride setup with the sloped floor. No problems getting a patient in or out. A great design.

Thank you Ron [Morin of Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles] and Deborah [Thomson, Exec. VP of PL Custom Emergency Vehicles] for your commitment to the customer and again making our interaction with you a positive one.

John Bates
Salesman:Ron Morin

Saco Maine Fire Department

We are very pleased with both PL Custom ambulances we own and intend to purchase a third unit in the near future. Thank you for making a great product.

Robert A Martin II
Salesman:Ron Morin

Natick Massachusetts Fire Department

Dave Farrell was excellent through the whole process. Answered our questions and kept us updated. Very polite, professional and knowledgeable. All [PL] workers were polite, respectful. Very happy with the whole process.

Victor Lipoma EMS
Salesman:David Farrell

South Metro Colorado Fire Rescue Authority

Love your operation and the staff that are now a part of the South Metro family. Thank you for your dedication and ongoing commitment! U guys rock!

Brian Brown
Salesman:Chad Newsome

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