Why Remount?

Are you happy with the layout and functionality of your existing ambulance body, but the cab needs replacing? Remounting the body on a new chassis may be an economical alternative, saving you thousands of dollars over the cost of a new ambulance.
Who better to perform the work than the people who built it? The work is done at PL’s manufacturing facility with full support from the PL engineering staff. PL Custom ambulance bodies are specifically designed to be remounted. Our electrical systems are modular, allowing for easy connection to the new chassis.


We can remount onto the same or a different make of chassis.
Chassis compatibility requires wheel base and cab-to-axle dimensions to match the existing body.

Chassis Compatibility

Ford “E” diesel→Ford “E” gas

  • Most compatible combo
  • No DEF fill to consider
  • Console may transfer
  • More usable payload due to gas engine

    Ford “F” → Ford “F”

    • Wheelbase/CA compatible
    • New Ford has DEF fill
    • Console can transfer
    • New liquid spring suspension

      Ford “F” → Dodge Ram

      Most compatible combo No DEF fill to consider Console may transfer More usable payload due to gas engine Ford “F” → Ford “F”

      Chevy “G” diesel→Ford “E” gas

      • Wheelbase /CA compatible
      • Requires cross member modifications
      • Ford/Chevy white paint–not a match
      • Console upgrade may be needed

        Medium duty Frt M2 → Int’l MV607

        • Wheelbase /CA compatible
        • Console upgrade required
        • White paint may not match
        • International does not offer rear fuel tank

          WHAT YOU GET

          • Prepare and remove body from original chassis
          • Prepare new chassis to accept body
          • Install body on new chassis
          • New cab-to-body seal and/or bellows
          • Transfer existing rear bumper and step
          • New running boards – non-slip diamond plate
          • Undercoat cab and body
          • Test oxygen and suction unit
          • Update electrical wiring schematic
          • New K3 ignition switched– module disconnect includes TST five-minute time out module
          • Install new under-hood wire harness
          • Tie in body power door locks to cab door locks
          • Transfer existing siren
          • New siren speakers
          • (2) New grille lights-Whelen LED
            • Transfer exisiting intersection lights
            • New hoses for rear AC unit
            • New expansion block and accumulator for rear AC unit
            • Recharge AC system
            • New hoses for rear primary heat unit
            • New auxiliary coolant pump for rear climate control system rear heat assembly
            • Transfer existing console and radios
            • Stainless steel wheel inserts
            • Front end caster camber alignment
            • 3-year, 36,000 mile ambulance body remount warranty
            • Lifetime structural warranty continued
            • Lifetime electrical warranty continued and 100,000 mile limit will be extended



              • Lighting upgrades from high draw light bars and halogen light heads to energy-efficient LEDs.
              • Electrical system upgrades to VMUX.


              • Upholstery: We can repair individual upholstered pieces that have worn or completely change the interior color and style for an updated look.
              • Cabinets: For those who would like to improve the functionality of the work space, we can modify or replace cabinets.
              • Modify interior to Medic-In-Mind layout .
              • Upgrade occupant restraint systems.

              Flooring/Cot Mounts

              • Worn and stained floors can be replaced
              • Cot Mounts: Upgrade to new SAE compliant systems


                • New chassis dash sometimes requires upgraded console. New Type III is ergonomic and faces driver.
                • Radios are transferred into the new console.

                Paint and Graphics

                • With simple cab stripes or a total repaint, you can either match the body, as is, or a newer design used on other fleet vehicles.
                • Body Repair: Body work from minor scuffs and paint blemishes to major damage repair can be incorporated into the remount and refurbishing of your vehicle.


                Your vehicle is protected

                • 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on work performed during remount.
                • Lifetime modular body structural warranty remains in effect on PL bodies.
                • Lifetime electrical warranty continues and 100,000 mile limit is extended on PL bodies.
                • Optional 3-year, 36,000 mile paint warranty available on complete body strip and repaint.
                • Optional 2-year, 24,000 mile crevice corrosion and dissimilar metals warranty available on complete body strip and repaint.
                • PL Custom carries $10 million in product liability insurance.


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